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News / Exclusive Dan Evans Interview

Exclusive: Goldsmith Interview with Dan Evans 
Dan Evans, President and Creative Director of Goldsmith Inc was recently interviewed by DDI magazine on a range of different topics. In this article, we look at this exclusive interview with Dan about the changes that Goldsmith Inc has experienced over the years, as well as the exciting future ahead of them.
i) How would you describe Goldsmith?
Goldsmith is one of the top International mannequin and visual merchandising companies in the world. With a full range of International brands and with our cutting edge designs, Goldsmith is one of the most recognized brand names within the fashion and visual design industry since 1927.
ii) How different does Goldsmith look today compared to five years ago?
Goldsmith looks very different today than five years ago; Goldsmith has grown from a well-established New York based supplier of mannequins, to an International manufacturer. Goldsmith has broadened its portfolio of innovative products with new development and adding distinctive European brands like Windows Mannequins of France, and Atrezzo Barcelona of Spain to complement our vast collections of products. In 2009 we moved our obsolete Long Island City manufaturing facility to Denver, today Goldsmith now manufactures in Colorado, Mexico, Barcelona and Asia. In June of this year, Goldsmith became part of the International NOA Visual Group, becoming one of the World's largest mannequin and visual merchandising companies.
iii) What makes Goldsmith stand out compared to other competitors within the marketplace?
Goldsmith has always been known as a trend setter and for its innovative products, contemporary designs, quality, customization capabilities and fair pricing. Now with our additional brand partnerships, Goldsmith now offers one of the largest collections of International mannequins and decoratives within the industry. In addition to that, our client service at Goldsmith is met at a superb standard. We have always been known for our Senior Staff and Account Executivees, each pf them coming to the company from the industry or leading retail stores. Our teams provide professional knowledge and experience for all of our clients as we understand; our products, the urgency of an order, use of specific products, and paper work budgets. As well as that, we are backed up with an excellent creative support team to ensure that our main goal is met, which is that our exceptional service is provided for all our clients!
iv) What is the Goldsmith philosophy towards customization?
Customization has always been one of our strongest assets as a creative company as we actually recommend to many of our clients how they can personalize their products. This then allows the client to create their own identity and make their brand stand out better by personalizing the products and their stores. It can be as simple as creating; their own head on the mannequin, a specific pose, or even a unique custom finish. As a creative design philosophy; we recommend and enjoy creating new bodies and poses to complement our clients marketing campaigns or overall store decoratives. Our customization programs often build long and lasting partnerships with our clients and therefore urge each client to consider.
v) Are you seeing more or less collaboration in the industry?
As the industry has matured and companies are beoming larger, the competiveness within our industry means that we are seeing less collaboration among similar suppliers. However, the overall collaboration between retail design firms and our own clients design departments continues to grow. We are often brought in early to assist with the creative process and the development stags to create unique products for our clients stores, shops and merchandising programs.
vi) What else should we know about Goldsmith?
Wow, there are so many things to talk about that have not been mentioned in this article. We have been working on the upcoming December RDC Retail Design Collective show in New York. This is an exciting time for Goldsmith as we will be premiering our first in a few season's new mens collection called Chelsea Men, which is a full collection of sensual men with well-defined bodies that will complement our Couture Womens collection that we presented last market. In addition to Chelsea Men, we will also present an updated collection of kids called Brothers and Sisters in a full age range and we will also be showing many new items from our Windows Mannequin collections. Atrezzo will also be presenting at the RDC Retail Design Collective show and its premier to the American and US Market, meaning that the collections will be so large and very exciting. I personally invite each of our readers to visit Goldsmith during the Retail Design Collective show.
vii) What are the predictions for the industry in 2014?
While I always remain optimistic for the business in 2014, I feel that many retail stores will continue to search for their own identities and finding new ways to uniquely position their own brands. It is an exciting time for retail, as there are so many oppertunities for uniqueness and individualism. The winners will create, not copy one another...