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Goldsmith Introduce Chelsea Men 
Goldsmith Inc are pleased to announce their brand new mens collection called "Chelsea Men". The Chelsea Men collection is a full collection of sensual men with well-defined bodies that have been designed to complement the Goldsmith Couture Women's collection.
Dan Evans, President and Creative Director of Goldsmith said; "We are very excited as our showroom will be premiering our first in a few season's new men's collection called Chelsea Men". The collection itself marks an exciting time for Goldsmith and is currently being presented in the Goldsmith Showroom as part of the Retail Design Collective show in New York City.
The collection appears in four different head forms; Headless (CM10), Egg Head (CM20), Young Head (CM30) and the Mature Head (CM40). All four options are on display in the Goldsmith showroom as part of the Retail Design Collective show which is located at the Starrett-Lehigh Building, Studio 350, 3rd Floor, 601 West, 26th Street, New York City, NY10001.
We at Goldsmith invite you all to come to our showroom and experience our brand new Chelsea Men collection.
For more information on the Chelsea Men collection click on the following link;