News / Kinky Girl Debuts at Macys New Junior Department

Kinky Girl Debuts at Macy's New Junior Department in New York
Goldsmith are very excited to announce that Macy’s new Herald Square NYC Junior Department, has Goldsmith's very own "Kinky Girl" Collection on display. The images above are taken from the New Macy’s Herald Square NYC Junior Department.
Goldsmith’s “Kinky Girl" Collection was chosen by Macy’s for all the major platforms and department highlights throughout the store. Goldsmith teamed up with Macy’s to develop and create five extra Kinky Girl poses and derivatives. These derivatives vary from different bust forms and leg forms, and Goldsmith can confirm that these will all be displayed at the December show this year.
These Kinky Girl mannequins were also used on the runway platforms, on the main cosmetic floor for Fashion Week last week (17th September 2015).
Goldsmith would like to thank everyone involved for helping make this project a huge success! Macy’s are thrilled with these Kinky Girl mannequins and have already started purchasing them for other stores.
To view the Goldsmith Kinky Girls Collections, click on the following link below;