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News / Halston Heritage Somerset Troy Michigan

Halston Heritage Somerset Troy Michigan
In this article Goldsmith looks at the concept behind the rebranding of Halston Heritage stores, and the different images collected of the Somerset Collection store showing a wide-range of different Goldsmith mannequins being used.
July 2013 saw Halston Heritage open its new store at Somerset Collection, and with over 3,000 square feet of store to fill there are many different products to look at that include; Ready-To-Wear, Dresses, Eening Gowns, Handbags, Footwear and much more. During 2013 Halston Heritage has seen five different stores open accross the U.S. and Somerset Collection is the home to one of them. In regards to location of the store at Somerset Collection visitors can find it on the first floor of Somerset south.
The expansion of Halston Heritage indicates a key milestone in its history and Ben Malka, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is relishing the growth for years to come.
Early success of the business is however down to the rebranding of the stores. The concept is that the Holston Heritage stores are paying tribute to Roy Halston Frowick's timeless and minimalist style, borrowing elements from his life and personal townhouse, resulting in an experience that is entirely unique to Halston Heritage. This embodies a vision of Halston Heritage in an updated way for the 21st century whilst maintaining its classy history.