News / Goldsmith on Fox5 News April 2014

Goldsmith on Fox5 News April 2014
Many industry professionals have noticed that mannequins are making an incredible comeback, and Fox5 News looked at how Goldsmith have played their part in this latest trend.

Customers will have to have a double look when they next shop in a retail store, as more and more mannequins are looking more life-like. The idea of these retailers using realistic mannequins is to make customers feel that they have a similar look to the mannequin and lure the customer into their store.

"It was not that many years ago that everyone was using a headless mannequin, where as today it is all about the expression, the heads and the attitude" said Dan Evans, President of Goldsmith. Goldsmith has many mannequins on show in many different stores on Madison Avenue, and is one of the oldest mannequin manufactures in New York City.

"These realistic mannequins make it easy to update with different unique looks, from day wear to evening wear", Dan continued, "What happens here at Goldsmith, just really shows an expression and we find that there are enough mannequins in store that represents all sizes".

By adding hair, lipsticks and eye shadow, it encourages the customer to shop in store environments as an option to buying online. The Goldsmith Chelsea showroom shows many different types of mannequins, including Windows Sketch models from 7 feet tall with a size 4 shoe, to plus size models in an incredible twenty different poses.

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